Your Personal Site or App Design

With over 10 years in the web/app design industry working for the World’s biggest brands (Salesforce, Amazon, the Home Depot, Paramount, etc.) whether you just need a website for your company or personal brand or need a complete design for a mobile or web app, I can help.

Ready to work together? Send me an email at


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Personal Website

Using the platform of your choice (Squarespace, Wix, etc.) I’ll create a website, like this one, that you can easily edit any time you want. I charge a flat fee of $250/site then you’ll just have to pay the monthly fee for whatever service you choose (usually $15-$20/month).

For an additional $30/page fee, I’ll even write and copyedit clever copy for you. :D


Custom Experience Design

Experience Design is just a fancy new-age term for User Experience and User Interface Design. While I may not be able to work with you due to NDAs at my current company, give me a shout if you need custom website or app design to support your project, and we’ll see if we can work together. I charge about $60-$100/hour depending on the complexity.