Photo Retouching

Photo retouching can be super easy or super difficult, but the most important thing is that you still look like a normal human person and not a weird porcelain doll (unless you want that look, because I can do that for you). You can either tell me what you want based on the pricing below or send me your headshots and I can send you what I suggest including an estimate. Either way, I’m happy to help!

Want some Retouches? Send me an email at


Clean It Up

Just want to remove blemishes and maybe reduce some wrinkles? No worries, I charge $3/photo and can have most projects done within a day.

(Money back guarantee.)

A Little Barbie-d

Sometimes you want a more extensive touch-up (skin tone, whiter teeth, lots of wrinkles, lighting, shine, etc.) and that’s totally fine! I charge $5/photo for that.

(Money back guarantee.)


Resize It

Sometimes you just need a photo resized, cropped, or a have a smaller photo size. No worries! Send them over, I’ll get them done within at day for $1/photo (bulk pricing available).

(Money back guarantee.)


Complete Alteration

Want to be climbing the Eiffel Tower or pretend like you woke up early enough to get a solo shot at the Taj Mahal? Easy! I can completely alter photos for you including replacing lost pieces of the photo. This is a bit tougher to price, but generally think about $15-$20/photo.
(Money back guarantee.)