shitty design ruins great ideas.

Design isn’t overrated.

Yet almost all filmmakers/actors forget about it (or don’t know where to start) when it comes to their websites, marketing graphics, movie poster, or really anything else. Let’s end that.

I’m here to help out. Take a look at how I can help below, or send me an email with the contact form over there to the right.

Photo REtouching

Have a giant zit on headshot day or did some fart face walk in front of the Eiffel Tower during your one chance to take a great photo? We can fix it all! Take a look at my Photo Retouch prices (spoiler alert: they’re pretty cheap because retouching is actually super easy).

Photo Retouching Prices

Website/App Design

I’ve been a professional web/app designer for 10 years so whether you just need a ready-to-use portfolio site or a completely custom mobile app design take a look at what I charge to see if you want my help!

Web/App Design Prices

Movie Posters/Graphics

Honestly, the very first opportunity for people to perceive your movie or company as legitimate is through professional graphics (movie poster, logo, etc.). This work is also probably my favorite type of design so take a look at what I charge in general, and let’s make some cool shit for your cool shit.

Movie Poster/Graphic Prices

Pitch decks

You’re not going to get funding using Arial and Clip Art. You need a professional pitch deck and package that provokes, excites, and shows that you’re serious about your movie, app, invention, or whatever. Let me help you out with design or complete narrative building!

Pitch Prices

Video Editing/Demo Reels

Full disclosure, I am pretty average at video editing, but I can do it super quickly and super cheaply (and most importantly, with an eye on design). So if you just need a simple video edit, demo reel, etc. take a look at my prices. Again, if you need something really really good, don’t go with me, I’m really just good for the basic stuff.

Video Editing Prices