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Hiring Dan made the entire conceit of my film possible. He created a persona that so fully encapsulated the joke of the film that when he is first seen on screen the crowd burst into laughter. He was great to work with and willing to experiment and have fun on set. Would absolutely work with him again!
— Producer/Writer, Lesser Cousin (Award-Winning Short)

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I've spent my life doubting dreams, choosing practicality over happiness; in other words, I've spent my life "acting" like someone I wasn't: some sort of responsible corporate business yuppie. But a few years ago, I decided to stop hiding and start dreaming. Acting is the greatest joy in my life. Wearing a new face, taking on a challenging persona, spending days at a time living as someone else it's all fascinating, fulfilling, and what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

I'm eager to join nearly any production simply because I love being on set, and I love working with other professionals in this Industry. I am incredibly easy to work with, never challenging, only inquiring with an optimistic curiosity, and always loving every minute of it. I can't wait to work with you! 

Dan is the kind of actor that gives his best performance on the first take. And then he gives a better performance on the next take, and an even better one on the take after that. He adapts and takes direction quickly and effectively on set, and has no shortage of ideas when called on for creative solutions for scenes or lines that don’t seem to be working. He kept us smiling and laughing all day long regardless of whether or not the cameras were rolling.
— Producer/Director, Private Parts (TV Pilot)
As an indie screenwriter/producer it can be challenging to find an actor that has range, can follow direction, and is willing to go above and beyond when needed; Dan is that actor.
— Creator, Dad & I (TV Pilot)
Dan is a pleasure to work with. Intelligent, adaptive and collaborative in crafting his performances.
— Writer/Director, Private Parts (TV Pilot)
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Working with Dan was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had on set as a Director. He was open to crazy ideas, had fun with improv, and brought the character I created to life in a better way than I had imagined! He takes direction well, loves to collaborate, and adds a lot to each character he plays.
— Director/Writer, Nice to Meet You (Short)
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