Design Samples

This was my first experience design project...Dan did such an amazing job helping me find my way through what was needed.
— American Red Cross


Film-making isn’t as difficult as most people think, it’s more difficult. And the film industry, while perhaps one of the most innovative industries today, is also one of the few stuck in an arcane, paper-based world. By introducing a simple application to store all of the information, files, conversations, and really anything someone would ever need to know about a Production, our goal is to take some of the paper pushing out of film-making, so that more time can be spent on the art of it all. By optimizing the experience for various roles, we change the lives of those individuals who have changed so many of ours. Please reach out for the password.

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What if something you designed could really save lives? Yeah, it's pretty amazing. A colleague and I happily volunteered our time to this project for The PRIDE Study, in which we created a website for the University of California, San Francisco’s LGBTQI Study that educates users about the study, supports sign up and participation in the study, allows users to take the study and to encourages continued dialogue about health in the LGBTQI Community.



Sony PlayStation's slogan is "Get gaming." A slogan met with painful irony when a user experiences an issue with Sony's own devices. We created a Support website, complete with detailed support content, to help gamers get back to gaming. 

Groucho Glasses


My team and I spent two years working with the Home Depot to reinvent Paint. Our efforts centered around Confidence; confidence in color, in type, in application, in every aspect of the Paint process. Unfortunately, the actual work is under NDA, but I'd be happy to tell you more in-person, just ask!

Groucho Glasses


What do you think of when you hear the American Red Cross? Likely, amongst the top few conjurations is a Blood Drive. Red Cross is known for them. But being known for something doesn't mean you own the space. We worked with the American Red Cross to transform the Blood Drive, making them easier, more efficient, and all-around better. Unfortunately, we're under NDA and there is no currently live project, but reach out if you want to learn more. 


I crossed my two passions, art & film, to create some Film Posters for productions I was in.

It's fun to be a fool. I put my Professional Writing degree to work by creating some posters for a Green Initiative at Salesforce.

Random doodles are endlessly important to a wandering mind.